Recession rage

You want to know what I hate the most about this recession?

The wage cuts, the belt tightening, the constant moaning of public servants, the empty government promises that it'll all get better in the next six months.

All of that I can live with.

But what gets right up my nose is the smug, patronising TV presenters and newspaper fashion writers who keep nauseatingly singing the praises of the 'recessionista lifestyle.'

F*ck off!

Look.I'm not saying that I'm on the breadline or that I've never earned good money but I have always always bought my clothes in Penneys. Even before it was cool. I prefer Penney's to Dunnes simply because the sizes are a better fit for me.

That's not to say I boycott all other shops and refuse to spend over a tenner on my entire outfit but I would get the bulk of my wardrobe from Penney's. It's not a big deal. It's a gigantic shop that sells all over the country and that thousands of people have been going to- for years. I'm no trendsetter but neither are the writers who've suddenly realised that promoting Chloe or Christian Dior is annoying to those who can no longer afford it.

I want to deface the pictures of fashion journalists who sing the praises of cost cutting shops as though they, and they alone, are responsible for discovering them.

Just because they were too small minded and flash to bother checking out the shops frequented by the majority of Ireland as they tottered around BT's in their Christian Louboutins' during the boom, doesn't mean they have suddenly won the right to preach now to the long covert ed fans of affordable fashion.

It's the same deal with Lidl and Aldi. Sure the supermarkets have probably experienced an upswing in trade over the last couple of years but you know what. They were there all along.

Maybe a lot of people in the country lived off their credit card and shopped only in the hallowed halls of Marks and Spencers but I don't believe it was the majority.

I believe the majority of people were like me. The kind of folk who delighted in cheap dresses from Penneys and meats with unpronounceable names from discount supermarkets.

So to all you fecking writers out there who think it's clever and original to talk about 'shopping around' or who are suddenly singing the praises of second hand shops -  here's a message.

You may be making a saving by going to shops you previously snubbed but this choir are sick of being preached to.


JJ said...

Couldn't agree more, a lot of them seem to love the novelty of shopping where the poor folk shop... you have to laugh at their attitudes though, so very out of touch

On another topic, has it ever bothered you or make you wonder why the clothes in Penneys are so cheap? Or why none of their clothes contain a "made in..." tag?