Better off alone

I wouldn't consider myself a loner.

I don't have a huge range of friends but I have a circle of really good friends that I've known for a long time and I get on well with my colleagues. I'm not adverse to talking to strangers.

But there are times when I choose to steer away from people.

The gym for instance. I don't feel the need to work out with mates and I'm baffled by the way some people can walk into a near empty gym and, out of a row of unused machines, insist on using the one right beside the only person working out - me.

I'll admit I may be unreasonable in my reaction but it pisses me off so much. Pick another stationary bike! I'd like a bit of space between myself and the grunting sweating person on the cross country cycle.

It doesn't make sense to me. Why would you want to be on top of someone else when you don't have to be. It's one thing if it's unavoidable but when you have the choice, why would you want to be on top of a stranger? (Unless you've gotten lucky and that's a totally different ball game.)

Similarly I went for a shower and, despite being the only person in the room, a woman came in and chose the cubicle right beside me.

I can't  work out if my reluctance to be around other people in these situations is indicative of an unattractive solitary nature or theirs is a pathetic need for co dependence.

It's troubling me a little I must confess but I find I'm too busy protecting my seculuded spots and warding off strangers with my death stare to find out if I'm on my own on this one.