Back to the future

My friends and I have been stuck in a nostalgic time warp for the past seventeen days.


It's not the loss of the Celtic Tiger that bothers us but the aging process of the last decade.


In 2000 we were fresh faced and able to drink till four am - and go to work the next day. The standard of the work was dubious but we were able to do it!


I get excited when I stay up long enough to go to a nightclub these days. I think it's a shame they don't open just a little earlier so I could go more often.


We know this new decade has pushed us into the older generation and we don't like it.


On the upside we know that in ten years time the twenty somethings that pity us now will also be facing the same predicament.


In a generous gesture to the beautiful youth I have decided to reveal my top three tips that it has taken me ten years to learn.


1. There is nothing to be gained by getting a good job when you're young. Get a backpack and go around the world.


2. Wearing sunblock on your nose is a very good idea. It saves both your poor little hooter from flaring up and a lot of name calling from so called friends and family.


3. You will turn into your mother. Embrace it.