The terrible twosome ....

Let me start off by saying I am not a fan of John and Edward. I watch them in much the same way as I do a horror movie- from behind my fingers and in the hope it will end soon.

But - they are just kids. I heard a radio station 'joke' advertisement earlier today for twin dolls you can use to vent your frustration with by hitting. I may have been more forgiving of the so called joke if it had been funny but it was - if you can believe this - more painful to listen to than John and Edward's rendition of 'Oops'.

Everyone has jumped on the whole - oh they're so embarrassing and making it shameful to be Irish - wagon.

They're not. They're teenage kids having a whale of a time because Louis Walsh has given them a platform to do so. And what teenager isn't a sap or a know it all or a bit of a fool? I know I was. Thankfully I didn't have a camera projecting my shortcomings to millions of people.

They're seventeen year old boys and they're an easy target. Let them off. Despite their hugely significant shortcomings in the music and dance departments they're managing to do fairly well. Better that someone sitting snivelling in a corner, saying life isn't fair.

OK so it must be annoying for the people out there with actual talent who didn't make the X Factor cut but let's face it, John and Edward can't sing and they can't dance. They're not going to go a long way so why not let them enjoy their moment in the spotlight.

They'll be back home studying for the Leaving Cert soon enough.