Bananas in pyjamas

Three things always occur to me when I see women wearing their pj's in the street.

1. It's ugly.

2. They're stupid.

3. It's cold!!!!

Aside from the really obvious fact that wearing nightwear while you traipse up and down the street and into your local Tesco to buy your supper looks plain daft, it's not practical either.

Pyjamas are designed to keep you warm in bed while you're snuggled under the duvet with a hot water bottle. These women in their special bed to street wear must have permanently blue legs.

Now I don't mind suffering a bit to look good. We've all suffered sore feet from high heels and cold calves that even the thickest of tights can't protect from Winter winds but, while I'd never claim to be a fashion forward goddess, at least I suffer wearing clothes that look good! Well at least I wearing clothes.

Fake silk and flannel does not look good unless confined to the bedroom and unless confined to the bedroom it's not toasty either.

Women of Ireland I beg you.

As you fling open your wardrobe doors to choose an outfit to wear to the shops bypass the shelves of nightwear and reach out for a pair of jeans.

There's a long cold Winter coming and our casualty departments have enough to do without tending to freezing females who can't stand because their frozen legs are unable to support them.