Point of no return

When I decided to move in with John I was given lots of warnings by friends who'd already handed over their single passes and nestled into coupledom.

My sex life was going to become duller than ditch water they said(that was assuming of course that I'd have any sex life to speak of after a few months.) I'd spend my life picking John's socks up off the floor and it simply wasn't worth my while waging war over the toilet seat - I would never win.

So far we've weathered the worst of the storm. Nearly a year in and we're still having lots of sex - some good, some bad but mostly pretty hot. I throw a tantrum over the toilet seat roughly every two months (which has no impact -it remains firmly upright until I bang it down) but all in all I'd say it's going pretty well.

I'll confess I thought that the novelty of seeing each other every morning and every night would wear off pretty quickly. Being honest I gave it a fortnight before we got sick of each other.

I was wrong. We still get on great and love being around each other but I realised this week that we're too comfortable with each other. On Thursday evening we reached the point of no return.

It happened at half past seven when I wandered into the living room and settled down on the sofa beside John who was watching television.

"Jesus!"He said jumping up.

"What?" I asked, looking around.

"Your lip!"

"My lip?"

"It's frothing."

"No, I'm bleaching."

Too much information? Should I have let him continue thinking my upper lip was free of stray dark hairs. Maybe. Maybe not.

On Thursday night I thought I was a liberated woman and was quietly proud of the fact that I hadn't skulked around in the bathroom for the fifteen minutes it takes for my facial hair to turn golden.

Today I feel a little differently.

You see I've broken down boundaries that should have stayed in place, which I only I realised this morning as John went for a pee while I watched in horror from the shower.


Rua said...

If I was you I'd start biting your toenails and stop shaving your legs, that'll learn him.