Taking the piss

Women around the country are probably going to slate me for this but I've come to the conclusion that Ireland is home to a lot of dirty girls.

And before you guys get excited - I don't mean that in a kinky way.

I'm one of those people no one wants to go on a long drive with. I drink a lot of water and don't have a very strong bladder. This means I need loo stops at least once an hour and spend most of the time between toilets complaining that I need to pee.

The end result is I spend a lot of time in pub toilets, filling station toilets, McDonald toilets, Supermac toilets - you get the idea. One of my first lessons on moving to Dublin was to locate all the good toilets in town so I'm never caught short when shopping. Can I just take a moment here to recommend Marks and Spencers - very impressive, they don't skimp on the toilet paper.

But here's the thing I just cannot get my head around.

Why oh why oh why are there women who don't clean up after themselves?

I know hovering over the toilet bowl can result in the odd spillage onto the seat but clean it up! Its a very simple process, get some toilet paper and wipe.

There is nothing more rotten that going into a toilet cubicle to find the toilet covered with someone else's urine.

And it happens all the time. And it happens everywhere, its not just nightclub toilets or in public places. Its in work, in the gym, everywhere.

In fact its a rare day to find a toilet that isn't dirty.I constantly find myself cleaning up after other people before I leave so no one thinks I'm the minger who caused the mess.

And if I find it disgusting, let's just spare a thought for the poor cleaner who has to wipe those seats dozens of times a day only for another person with poor toilet hygiene and bad manners to come along and destroy it again.

I'm not saying all women leave their homes with their nice clean bathrooms and fail to keep their pristine standards once they've shut the front door but from where I'm standing the majority of women don't seem that bothered about cleanliness so long they don't have to get out the toilet duck and scrub.

So come on ladies. Let's raise the bar. Keep it clean - please.


mero05 said...

Its not just the ladies toilets that are this way,i see the same problem if not worse in the mens toilets in most places.I think it is because men don't actually need to be anywhere near to the seat when urinating therefore don't seem to be bothered by it.Most will use the urinals on the wall but this changes when there may be one or two already in the toilet when they arrive therefore head straight to the cubicle.What I find most disgusting are those who choose not to wash their hands.I find it incredible that they think its not necessary or would just rather not think about it.Its hardly likely that they forget! Furthermore,they grab the handle of the toilet door when walking out leaving me feeling like i'm pointlessly washing my hands in the sink knowing I have to use the same handle.Or do I? Well to overcome this I have been known to spend a little longer at the hand dryer and hope to catch somebody either on the way in or out.Its funny that it never seems to be the person ahead of me who washes their hands but the person behind.Have I made them feel guilty or are they always the ones as hygienic as myself? I'm not sure where the solution to all of this is but do you think advertising would work? If so,what would it say? "just think of the amount of different peoples piss on that door handle.....Be sure to wash your hands"?