Laughter IS the best medicine

So I tried something new at the weekend - as per my new year resolution.

I went to a comedy club which I know isn't exactly the world's most adventurous activity but I've never done it before.

I loved it and hated it in equal measures.

The acts were - bar one - very funny but I spent so much time terrified I'd be picked on by the comedians I couldn't relax properly.

I don't know why I was so worried, I was hardly sitting in the firing line, but I felt such sympathy for those who were unwittingly used as part of the act, I couldn't relax properly until it was all over.

Ming you it was a minor price to pay for a good night.

The best thing about it was that everyone was there to have a laugh and leave the big R word at the door.

You know yourself that even if you're out for a good night in the pub the chat will inevitably at some point turn to the current economic climate which - although it's topical and affects everyone - is a bit of a downer when all you want is a bit of escapism.

The set up of a comedy club means there isn't really a chance for chat until the acts are all over by which point everyone has had a few drinks, is relaxed and has something to discuss (such as the mortifying experience of the couple in the front who were teased about their sex life ) other than the bad news we hear all week long in the news.

I think I'll be going back and I'll be bringing my more miserable friends with me - who knows, next time I may even pluck up the courage to move from the back and sit in the middle rows.

Money makes the world go round

I know I said I was going to stay upbeat and positive for the new year but it's not easy.

It feels like none of us should be happy as long as the recession continues and let's face it, the situation is not going to change overnight so we may as well try to grin and bear it.

What bothers me the most is the way everyone seems to be watching how much money everyone else has.

In my office ,at least, no one is able to turn up in a new top or talk about going on holidays without the inevitable whisperings of - 'How on earth can they afford that.'

Because we've all gotten so used to getting loans hand over fist the last few years, it's appeared that we've all been able to enjoy the same standard of living.

The fact of the matter is some people will have to tighten their belts more than others because they racked up bigger loans. Get over it.

If I want to buy a new phone or go away I don't think I should be made feel guilty about it.

I know everyone is panicking and worried about their job security but being bitter towards other people isn't the answer.

Anyway if everyone stays out of the shops the knock on effect will be even more job losses.

So instead of bitching about those with a bit of spare cash, I think we should give them a break and thank God at least someone is putting their money back into the economy.

Taking the piss

Women around the country are probably going to slate me for this but I've come to the conclusion that Ireland is home to a lot of dirty girls.

And before you guys get excited - I don't mean that in a kinky way.

I'm one of those people no one wants to go on a long drive with. I drink a lot of water and don't have a very strong bladder. This means I need loo stops at least once an hour and spend most of the time between toilets complaining that I need to pee.

The end result is I spend a lot of time in pub toilets, filling station toilets, McDonald toilets, Supermac toilets - you get the idea. One of my first lessons on moving to Dublin was to locate all the good toilets in town so I'm never caught short when shopping. Can I just take a moment here to recommend Marks and Spencers - very impressive, they don't skimp on the toilet paper.

But here's the thing I just cannot get my head around.

Why oh why oh why are there women who don't clean up after themselves?

I know hovering over the toilet bowl can result in the odd spillage onto the seat but clean it up! Its a very simple process, get some toilet paper and wipe.

There is nothing more rotten that going into a toilet cubicle to find the toilet covered with someone else's urine.

And it happens all the time. And it happens everywhere, its not just nightclub toilets or in public places. Its in work, in the gym, everywhere.

In fact its a rare day to find a toilet that isn't dirty.I constantly find myself cleaning up after other people before I leave so no one thinks I'm the minger who caused the mess.

And if I find it disgusting, let's just spare a thought for the poor cleaner who has to wipe those seats dozens of times a day only for another person with poor toilet hygiene and bad manners to come along and destroy it again.

I'm not saying all women leave their homes with their nice clean bathrooms and fail to keep their pristine standards once they've shut the front door but from where I'm standing the majority of women don't seem that bothered about cleanliness so long they don't have to get out the toilet duck and scrub.

So come on ladies. Let's raise the bar. Keep it clean - please.