Valentines Special

John and I don't really go in for a big show on Valentine's day.
It's something we both agreed on so I never expect to wake up to roses.
There's still no excuse for forgetting about it altogether.
All it takes is a card to show you made the effort.
However John seems to have a complete blind spot on this point. Even though I always get him something small he never bothers doing the same and when questioned about it just says - " I thought we weren't doing anything."
So here's my warning to all the men out there who think they aren't doing anything for Valentine's day - forget the card at your peril.
There are two days to go and I'm wondering should I drop a hint to let John know I'll be deeply unimpressed if I'm left empty handed - again.
Or should I leave him to his own devices and see if he remembers.
If he does remember to get a card without being prompted it'd mean a lot more but if I leave him alone and don't get anything, I will not be impressed.