In the dark

Can anyone tell me what kind of singer Andrea Bocelli is other than blind?

Have you ever noticed that journalists never tell you whether he's a tenor or an alto but instead let you know he doesn't have the sense of sight.

Sentences about Pavarotti never start off by calling him the morbidly obese Italian singer, or should I say the dead morbidly obese singer.

Luciano was always one of the three tenors, and more recently the late Maestro of Modena.

But any reference to poor old Bocelli starts off -the blind Italian singer - just so you don't forget he can't actually see but, you know what, that's grand he can sing and he's from Italy.

I'm sure it'd make Andrea mad - if only he could see the articles - he's blind you know.


pauljeremiah said...

He's a tenor. He became blind at the age of twelve, after a football accident.

Shauna said...

I'd say he is more commonly referred to as "that lad, you know yer man, from Time to say goodbye!

Paz said...

Stevie Wonder made a career out of it and played on the fact that he was blind, but he was able to sing too!
keep up the good work