Boys Literature

So I'm having a 'debate' with my boyfriend John at the moment. He says men buying FHM magazine is the same as women buying Marie Claire magazine.

Now Marie Claire is has the odd sex tip and plenty of clothes to drool over but its also full of really informed and interesting articles whereas, I feel, FHM is just a chance for men to perve over hot girls. Its main features are along the lines of high street hotties and sexy sultries. Oh and it has the odd footy article as well.

I don't object to it being in the house or anything but I don't think any guy can say, hand on heart, they buy its reading material. Thoughts?



T cup said...

maxim is very good though too, very funny

john said...

FHM has turned gay, its more fashion in it now than hot woman. It can be funny and has handy things in it. Im sure if he wanted to look at chicks hed get a playboy or something.

Darren said...

I'm more of an Empire man myself. I don't think I've ever purchased FHM.

pauljeremiah said...

"FHM is just a chance for men to perve over hot girls."

while this a yes/no point, i do feel that mags like Nuts are more apt to this point.