I love Christmas. But do we have to start the preparations in September? Every time I step inside Penneys- and that's a fairly regular event - I get annoyed by the sight of the santas being sold.

Now its not like there's a huge display but there shouldn't be any - not even a sale of last year's tainted goods.

How are we meant to experience any magic in December if we're being subjected to the sight of Santa so early? We'll be shopped out and jaded of the whole event by November.

There used to be an unwritten law - or at least it seemed that way -that no Christmas stuff would go up until after Halloween. Where and why did that go? I say bring it back- now!



Shauna said...

I used to work in a gift shop.
We'd see the catalogues for Christmas stock arriving in January or February and the deliveries would start arriving to the shop by June/July.
It was unnatural.

And then the glittery feckers and cinnamon and clove delights would have to out on display by September.

Not only that but going home in the evenings, we'd be so full of glitter, I used to look like a walking talking Santa/Snowman/ Seasonal Decoration.